$RICH Token

If you want to buy $RICH on any DEXs, please make sure the token address of the token you purchase matches the one shown below. Never buy any $RICH token which address you cannot verify yourself. Further, knowing the $RICH token address, you can see the list of holders and available exchanges providing liquidity for $RICH on SpookySwap. Below are listed $RICH contracts by version, where the latest version represents the currently active contract.
  • RICH: 0x5A272C478609F448C566c7155577f6432fdd8B79
  • sRICH: 0xc59a271F7625f2195C1C38f8720DA00A52A72B10
  • staking: 0x319995E79c662479d42C054fdAB0415A6404190D
  • wRICH: 0x7A32Ae9F4E1139b7AE96A0B971332E2B9af72b56
  • gRICH: 0x8761C198D28963Bd539911c17B50BBEB15F8BB95