RichCity isn't just another NFT project, it's a story, and it's OUR story of OUR journey into the metaverse! The RichCity will be the metaverse built on the lands! The land plots are an additional kind of NFT that is limited in quantity and highly collectable, all the future development relies on the land plots.
To make the project more open and long-last, RichCity will embrace Web3.0, metaverse, NFT, GameFi, and many more trends.
We still have the DAO, it is called the RichCitiy DAO, and all gRICH holders could join the governance of the city’s development. It was always part of the original vision to hand over control to the people who create and play in the RichCity.
RichCity will be a game universe filled with cool NFT roles, equipment, gangs, and buildings that players can collect to build the metaverse based on the Lands.
With the development of the city, RichCity will also provide the opportunity for community members to launch their game on the RichCity platform to gradually make the RichCity a UGC platform, developed by all the community members.
According to the characteristics of the Web3.0 technology, it is the most suitable and powerful tool to build the RichCity metaverse.
In the RichCity metaverse, participants could have the perpetual ownership for all their digital assets, such as the lands, and also can have the full ownership of their private information. Rather than simply build a game, RichCity will use the Web3.0 tool to build a real metaverse.
RichCity wants to reward all the members who participate in the ecosystem, and also build the player to player economy, then the powerful Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools are a must. The coming DeFi tools will be: - Develop the NFT marketplace - Build the DEX, add the Swap function - Deploy the stablecoin protocol - Build the lending platform - Build the launchpad
There will also be many ways for community members to earn in the RichCity. You can be the bounty hunters and contribute-to-earn, or be the network participants and participate-to-earn, or simply be the token holders and earn from the trading of the token.
What’s next? Yes, to expand the influence of RichCity!
RichCity will have its own chain - the R-Chain, which will construct an open and borderless Blockchain world that could streamline supply chains, improve traceability, simplify trade and improve financial transactions.
We could then invite more partners and friends, and enjoy good times with them in the RichCity metaverse.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the future RichCity land economy, more gameplay and principles could be made by all the citizens, the land carries everyone's imagination, and every citizen will be the key to the future development of RichCity!
Last modified 8mo ago