Land Vision

The overall introduction

The Rich City land plots are an additional kind of NFT that is limited in quantity and highly collectable, all the future development relies on the land plots. As the city map unfolds, the citizens will be able to acquire plots of land where buildings can be constructed, and transactions and quests can take place. Depending on the different usage of the land plots, landowners will receive a different portion of the revenue generated on their plots!
Long story short, owning a piece of land is the pass for future participation in the Rich City ecosystem.

The features of the land

The utility

The land is the base of the whole Rich City metaverse. You can also call it the “PASS” to participate in the Rich City ecosystem and all the future activities.
Members have to rely on the land to participate in future activities happening in the Rich City.
There are also some privileges for the land owners, such as participating in the new token release at an early stage and a lower price, and getting the whitelist for new games with lower difficulty. These will not be all the benefits for the land owners, but they will be the benefits for the land owners only!

Asset properties

The total lands have a limited number, which will never have additional issuance. This gives the lands a natural scarcity.
Once you own your lands, you have its perpetual ownership and can keep receiving a portion of the reward from the city tax benefits, and these are just one of the many benefits, so just be your own landlord.


The Rich City metaverse will be built with the Web3.0 technology to make it an open and free world.
The Rich City is a civic self-government and self-built city, the land owners can build on the land freely, and vote for the city management, land transaction policy, and gameplay on the land.


The land also has its social attributes. You will get your digital avatar, what’s next, you need a home in the city where you will go first every time you are back to the Rich City.
You can also decorate your home and invite new friends in the Rich City to visit your home. So the land here is not only the land, it is also the start to meet new friends!
Sounds exciting, right? This is just the tip of the iceberg of the future Rich City land economy, more gameplay and principles could be made by all the citizens, the land carries everyone's imagination, and every citizen will be the key to the future development of Rich City!